The world's onlyUniversal Digital Identifier

A single number can now connect any amount of digital elements to create simple, secure and future-proof digital ecosystems around people, entities and things.


The 878TEN number range is a unique Numbering, Naming, Addressing and Identification ecosystem that is both flexible and future-proof. Issued by the UN's International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there is nothing like it now and there is unlikely to be anything like it in the foreseeable future.


878TEN numbers work simultaneously across the IP world - as Universal Digital Identifiers - and the telephony world - as global mobile telephone numbers. They can be used anywhere and will support any future systems that rely upon digital identity.


878TEN numbers are 'smart labels' that can be assigned to anything: people, organisations, devices, documents, products, cars, drones, properties, animals - you name it, 878TEN can identify it.


Ten billion 878TEN numbers are immediately available with the potential to extend the range to one trillion (1,000 billion).


878TEN uses DNSSEC, the secure form of DNS. It enables world-leading identity verification and integrates with the latest high security Internet technologies such as Blockchain and RINA as well as biometric and biographic identity technologies.

Everyone's digital world is expanding at warp speed. Currently, the only way to connect a diverse digital ecosystem is for each third party independently to hold sensitive personal data, compromising both privacy and security. 878TEN holds virtually no personal data and uses pointers to enable you to simply and securely link your entire digital ecosystem and keep control of your digital world.

What's in it for end-users?
878TEN in the new digital economy
What's in it for end-users?
  • The beginning of the end of remembering multiple login IDs and passwords
  • Owning, controlling and potentially monetising your personal data
  • Low or no cost telephony for the whole world
  • A simpler, more secure and more trusted Internet experience
878TEN as a Universal Digital Identifier

Because 878TEN can connect to any digital element, it supports trusted digital relationships by bringing into play world-leading identity technologies, such as multi-factor biometric verification (facial recognition, iris scans, etc.).


The user of an 878TEN UDI chooses which data linked to that number is available in the public domain and who can access the private data sets.

878TEN delivers 'Power to the People'
878TEN and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Dramatic improvements in technology, sensors and networks are fast-tracking the deployment of IoT across the global economy.


878TEN is the world's only Universal Personal Telecommunications range. It is a global number range that is part of the E.164 international telephone number system. Think of +87810 as a country code for the entire planet.

878TEN as a global mobile telephone number

To make everyone’s digital world a simpler, more secure place; where passwords are history and people own and control their personal data.


To accelerate the trust and growth of the global digital economy and to enable the world’s first borderless mobile telephony network.


Every person on the planet and billions of connected devices will have 878TEN Universal Digital Identifiers connecting their digital ecosystems.

878TEN supports VISIONng’s worldwide deployment and global adoption of the 878TEN number range. 878TEN assists VISIONng with the development and management of the 878TEN ecosystem.

Structure and team

878TEN companies have been established in Australia, the UK and the USA. 878TEN also has a presence in Hong Kong and Bulgaria. Our senior team has many years experience at the highest levels of Telecommunications, Technology, Finance, Privacy & Integrity, Sales, Law and Marketing. We are currently identifying additional talent in preparation for rapid upscaling in the near future.

Dave Greenwood – Chief Executive Officer

Dave has more than three decades experience leading and/or advising large technology and telecommunications projects across markets that include UK, US, India and Australia.

Alex Nikolov – Chief Technology Officer

A serial entrepreneur, Alex has established several ICT companies, has Technology Partnerships with Intel, VMware, Google and Microsoft, has won many hackathons and is one of the foremost world experts on ENUM.

Antony Corel – Chief Legal Officer

Tony has over 25 years experience in telecoms and media law, gained with leading law firms in Australia, Hong Kong and UK. He has advised private and public sector participants around the world.

Andrew Dobbins – Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew has worked in telecoms and technology for over 25 years, including P&L responsibilities in Asia Pac and Japan for global brands Verizon and Orange, where he was Group VP and VP Sales respectively.

Paul Fishlock – Chief Marketing Officer

Paul has spent over 30 years as a Creative Director and started two successful agencies of his own. He brings to 878TEN customer insight, creative business thinking, go-to-market and communications skills.

Malcolm Crompton AM – Special Adviser - Privacy & Integrity

Malcolm is the former Australian Privacy Commissioner and a global thought leader on data protection and privacy. Among his many international awards, he received a Member of the Order of Australia in 2016.

Bill Rojas – Special Adviser – Technology

Co-author of 'Brave New Unwired World', Bill knows microelectronics, telecoms and IT better than just about anyone. Bill’s CV is a Who’s Who of the sector and he is founder of his own Hong Kong based consultancy.

Technical FAQs
What makes 878TEN unique?

878TEN is the world’s only UPT number range and one of only two global number ranges that has been given an ENUM delegation by the ITU (the other range has just 100,000 numbers).

With ten-billion ten-digit UPT numbers available for immediate allocation, 878TEN gives users the opportunity to use a specific number or alphanumeric word they value. This could be a name, a number that is easy to remember, a lucky number or a number that uses the same digits as their current ‘national’ mobile number. Subject to users complying with terms and ITU regulations and reclamations, 878TEN guarantees lifetime allocation of numbers, so people will never need to change their numbers again.

There are some country codes that have been granted an ENUM delegation, but these provide “second line” ENUM, rather than the “first line” ENUM of 878TEN. In a second line ENUM, the ENUM benefits can only be accessed via the Internet, with the number behaving only as a normal telephone number if it is accessed from a telephone network. 878TEN is a “first line” ENUM delegation, so it always functions as an ENUM-enabled identifier, even when called from a telephone network.

What is UPT?

UPT stands for Universal Personal Telecommunication.

The UPT standards have been developed to allow a UPT number to be associated with any device on any network, anywhere in the world. An individual should be able to enter an access code to make or receive calls on any device.

This is particularly useful for the bottom of the pyramid consumer for whom the cost of a device can present a major barrier to service. UPT allows ad hoc sharing of physical devices. UPT is intended to be independent of geography or network provider.

How does ENUM work?

ENUM lets 878TEN numbers access Internet resources by mapping them into Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs).

ENUM uses NAPTR (Name Authority Pointer) records to effect mappings from E.164 telephone numbers to URIs.

The Internet Assigned Number Authority maintains a list of standardised URIs which currently comprises approximately 250 definitions.

Examples of how existing URI mappings allow 878TEN numbers to be used as universal personal identifiers include:

  • E.164 to http and E.164 to https: for web pages;
  • E.164 to mailto for email addresses; and
  • E.164 to SIP for SIP VoIP accounts.

The ENUM protocol requires that an 878TEN number is transformed into a domain name by reversing the number, separating each digit with a dot and appending For example, the number (+)87810 1234567890 would transform into the domain name This is performed by a small piece of code, called the ENUM Client, which can easily be integrated into any system that intends to use the 878TEN identifier.

This domain name is then used to look up the NAPTR records associated with the number in an ENUM Domain Name Server (E-DNS). The E-DNS passes the NAPTR records to the ENUM Client which shares them with the application that initiated the request. The application can then use the mapping information in the NAPTR records as required to complete the request. Dual-horizon E-DNS architectures, encryption, blockchain, registration, service provider authorisation and other technologies can be used to mitigate against the personal information associated with the 878TEN identifier being misused, abused or hacked.

Can I use an 878TEN number even if my telco does not recognise 878TEN?

Not until arrangements are finalised with telecom operators to route 878TEN numbers on their networks. However, even without these in place, you can use 878TEN numbers to make and receive calls and send and receive data over the Internet (VoIP).

Most PBX equipment is also ENUM enabled, so enterprise telephone systems can be easily configured to recognise and route the 878TEN numbers via the Internet.

In addition, smartphone clients can be ENUM enabled to make calls to 878TEN numbers over the Internet. 878TEN is currently testing smartphone applications and will provide links shortly.

With Phase 1 of the 878TEN core network in place, 878TEN will soon have its first commercial customers and is about to go into confidential testing on projects with the potential to deploy over a billion 878TEN numbers across both UDI and IoT applications.

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  • Awarded a seat at RocketSpace Technology Accelerator, San Francisco
  • Awarded a seat at Stone & Chalk Fintech Hub, Sydney
  • Superior customer service provider
  • Open VoIP platform
  • Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Austrian association delegated the 87810 number range by the ITU, through which 878TEN and 878CLR has derived exclusive rights.